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Due to high demand, here is a list of things to check before going off roading and some equipment you may want to consider purchasing.

Pre-Trip Maintenance Checklist
Check engine oil
Check transmission oil
Check brake fluid
Check radiator coolant
Check windshield wiper fluid
Check fan belts

Check hoses
Check air cleaner
Check seat belts
Check tire air pressure (tire air pressure changes for highway driving and off-road driving)
Check for tire wear or damage
Check and tighten, if needed, the u-bolts and l
ug bolts
Check for frame cracks

Check brake pads and shoes
Check for any loose bolts or nuts
Check shocks
Check winch for proper operation (if vehicle has one)

Personal Essentials

GPS (OnX Offroad free edition works great)

Power Bank to charge Devices

Gear to Bring

Recovery Rope

Traction Board

Basic tool kit

First Aid Kit

Fire Extinguisher / Roll Bar Mount

Hi-Lift Jack

Tire Plug Kit

Equipment/Gear Recommendations


BAOFANG Handheld GMRS Radio Bundle (email if you are interested in purchasing a preprogrammed BAOFANG Radio)

Mounted Midland MicroMobile 275 GMRS Radio / Mountains2Metal Dash Mount / Sturdy Hood Mount

**Please note the antenna cable will need to be re terminated to fit the hood mount, but is highly recommended since this mount is very sturdy**

Misc. Gear

Thor's Lightning Compressor+4 hose kit

MOORFLATE 4 Tire inflator (up to 155" wheelbase)

MOORFLATE Compressor

All Top Compressor

More to be added soon!

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